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Rent your space short term.

We can help.

Q&A Call
$1 / minute

Perfect for if you want to manage things yourself but have a few (or a lot) questions. Book in 15-minute increments.

I started investing in real estate 8 years ago and have been hosting on Airbnb for 6+ years. I've welcomed 3000+ guests into my properties and am happy to be able to share my experience to help you use your house to create more time, space and financial return.


Some things we can help with about…

These are a few of the important areas when getting started.


How to reach your goals it’s important to make your space stand out. Photos, pricing, amenities, house rules and neighbourhood info.

cleaning & maintenance

How to get 5 star reviews for cleanliness and at the same time keeping your cleaning budget tight. What should a turnover include, and how often to do the extras. How many sets of sheets do you need and how to manage laundry and restocking items.

guest onboarding

How to process all guest inquiries, do guest vetting and verification for safety, and manage all payments. Pros and cons of each platform and so much more

guest support & concierge

How to reduce your time commitment but provide your guests with amazing advice and hospitality : from transportation guidance to restaurant recommendations to a night out on the town, we act as personal concierge to ensure their stay is fantastic. Let’s simplify while making the guest feel valued.

guest check in

How to make sure that guests find the property and get settled nicely.


How to create a space that will help attract guests and bookings - and that will function well for, guests once they arrive as well as increase ease for cleaning.


Pricing is key with your short term rental and there’s more to it than just picking a number. It’s important to go beyond the price of other airbnbs in the area, seasonality, holidays and events. We can help you determine the best price strategy for listing by looking at your goals and what’s going on in the market.

so much more

There are so many things to think about when setting up your short term rental. Let’s jump on a call and take the guess work out of it. We’ve set up 50+ airbnbs and can’t wait to help you with yours.

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